Rolando RodriguezEndorsement

Texas Congressional District 28

In January I had an opportunity to visit Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Texas. While there I spent the greater part of a week with Rolando Rodriguez traveling all over the border region.After having an Opportunity to get to know him discussing all aspects of our American hurdles we must overcome, I found he is a genuinely good man! His positions will benefit his district, Texas, and all Americans!Rolando Rodriguez will FIGHT for the Triumph of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is Texas Congressional District 28!He’s especially strong on the School issues, abolishing CRITICAL RACE THEORY! Assuring parents secure their rights over their children’s education.That we do all we must to control inflation!And being in Texas, he will assure rapid growth in oil & natural gas production & transportation for abundant energy to create security for all Americans.   I want each Texan in his district to know he’s the real deal! A Businessman, a Patriot and Trump model — America First! The kind of Fighter for the very best opportunities for each and every American! He is the real deal! A leader who deserves your support if you want to see You succeed and America succeed!