Dave Wallace will fight for lower gas prices and make America Energy Independent again. He will vote for the use of energy sources wherever they happen to be, including natural gas in Maryland.

Dave Wallace will restore parents’ right to control their children’s education. In time, the Department of Education should be closed and the federal government be taken out of education altogether. In the meantime, schools shall not teach woke or Critical Race Theory.

Dave Wallace will protect the police and other first responders. He will vote to give them the resources and equipment they need to protect us from criminals both foreign and domestic.

Dave Wallace will fight taxes and regulations to create jobs and boost the economy. He will also fight inflation and work for fair trade deals that put American workers and the U.S. economy first.

Dave Wallace will fight for younger people’s right to invest their Social Security in 401Ks. He will also protect everyone’s right to choose to wear a mask and take Covid shots.

Dave Wallace will fight to restore honesty in Washington DC so it works for the American people again. Among other things, he supports term limits and demands a presidential one-line budget veto.

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